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Silver Fish 36V10ah of Lithium Ion Battery for E Bike


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model:Lithium Ion Battery

  • Nominal Voltage:36V

  • Nominal Capacity:10ah

  • Size:74*110*385mm

  • Min Discharge Current:5A

  • Max, Discharge Current:15A

  • Weight:4.3kg

  • Certificates:CE, RoHS, UL

  • Cycle Life:800 Cycles

  • Range with One Charge:More Than 40km
    Lithium ion battery mainly contain LiMn2o4, LiFePO4 battery, the battery model such as:

    24V10Ah, 36V10Ah, 48V10Ah, 48V20Ah for electric bike or wheel chair.

    48V30Ah, 60V20Ah for electric scooter or electric motors, 48V9Ah for kick-boards

    12V40Ah, 12V70Ah for street solar energy storage.

    48V20Ah, 48V50Ah, 48V100Ah, 48V200Ah LiFePO4 battery for solar energy storage for home and office usage.


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