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On Waste Battery

Scientific surveys show that, after a button cell to abandon nature, can contaminate 600,000 litres of water, equivalent to the water consumption of a person's life, while China consumes battery 7 billion a year. It is understood that production of 96% of zinc-manganese battery and alkaline battery, which mainly contain manganese, mercury, zinc and other heavy metals. Both in the atmosphere and waste battery is buried deep in the ground, its metal content varies depending on drainage overflow, resulting in contamination of groundwater and soil, and also poses a serious risk to human health. In 1998 the national hazardous waste list set out on mercury, cadmium, zinc, lead, chromium is hazardous waste.

However, the State environmental protection administration, the person concerned believes that recycling of waste batteries don't have to concentrate, prior reports on waste battery environmental the lack of scientific basis for the masses has resulted to some extent misleading.

Pollute 600,000 litres of water calculation is based on all heavy metals dissolved in water in a button cell and uniform distribution assumption made in the water, but in fact metals dissolved in water is very difficult, much less evenly distributed in the water, the actual pollution may be far smaller than the maximum theoretical calculations.

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