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Dalian Developed Lithium-sulfur Battery Energy Density Of Up To 860Wh/kg

Dalian Ministry of energy storage technology research of Zhang Huamin, Zhang Hongzhang research team successfully developed based on large pore volume and high specific surface area and gradient of ordered porous carbon material of positive electrode of carbon-sulfur compound. Meanwhile, lithium-sulfur batteries developed by using its energy density exceeding 500 w/kg (650 Watts/l). Results published in the journal Science reports. At present, the team broke through the key materials in lithium-sulphur battery technology bottlenecks, when battery energy density has been upgraded to 860 w/kg (1000 watts/l). Meanwhile, its good stability, smooth operation at room temperature to meet aerospace, marine exploration, reserve power, scale energy storage needs in areas such as, industrialization has good development prospects.

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