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Button Cell Batteries

Button batteries smaller, it has been widely used in a variety of micro-electronic products, from 4.8mm to 30mm diameter, ranging in thickness from 1.0mm to 7.7mm; commonly used for backup power for various electronic products, such as computer Board, electronic forms, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, memory card, remote control, battery operated toys, cardiac pacemaker, electronic hearing aids, counters and cameras;

Chemical battery button battery is also divided into two categories and physical battery, the chemical batteries most commonly used. They consist of the anode (positive electrode) and the cathode (negative electrode) and its components, such as electrolyte. As shown in the figure on the right. It looks for the stainless steel material, and as a cathode, cathode stainless steel round cap, sealing rings insulating between the cathode and anode, sealing rings made from nylon, outside the ring in addition to insulation, to prevent the leakage of electrolyte. Many different types of button cell batteries, most named after the material used, such as Silver Oxide batteries, lithium batteries, alkaline manganese batteries.

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